What is Jeevsutra?

Jeevsutra is India’s first multi-lingual web-based multi-speciality platform for online counselling by renowned Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals.

What services are offered by Jeevsutra?

Our online counsellors are available 24×7 to provide emotional support to kids, teenagers, and adults. Psychotherapy and Counselling services are provided at very low price for depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or any other mental health illness or psychological disorders.

We have special therapy and counseling programmes to help people with psychological issues like life stress, stress at work, anger management problem, internet addiction, game addiction, pornography addiction, drug abuse, sex problems and other issues.

Our family therapists provide support for divorce, relationship problem, break-up, pre-marital and marriage counselling, possessiveness, parenting problems.

Students who have learning difficulty, suffer from learning disabilities, or those who need career counseling, or face failures benefit greatly after online sessions with our Psychologists, Special Educators, Educational Counsellors and Career Counsellors.

In Jeevsutra we also conduct training and workshops for school children, colleges, offices, businesses, and individuals on topics of mind power and performance enhancement.

Jeevsutra has received high ratings by our clients who have rated it to be the best online counselling site in India.