Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Counselling is a procedure through which people in distress speaks to qualified professionals discussing about their problems and issues, and get help or advise from the professional. The professional conducts the session empathically, maintaining the ethical code of conduct, ensuring privacy and confidentiality. The person in distress gets a release by speaking about the problems to someone who is ready to hear him/her out, and in turn the advice or guidance provided by the professional, or therapeutic interventions help the person bring positive changes in his/her life.

Any kinds of problems that cause a distress in the person’s life or mental health, issues about career, or interpersonal relationships, issues about children, or even issues about disturbing thought patterns or behavior can be discussed.

All of our professionals are highly qualified with many years of experience. All the Psychologists associated with us have done their M.Phil In Clinical Psychology or Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitaion Psychology from a Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) accredited institute after their Masters in Psychology/ Applied Psychology. The Psychiatrists associated with us have done their M.D. in Psychiatry. Family Therapists have done their MSW and then M.Phil in Psychiatric Social Work.  Our Special Educators have completed their D.Ed in Special Education (RCI Recognized) after their Masters degree. Our Business Consultants have done their MBA from premier institutes of India, and have years of experience in Business, and in providing Business Consultation. We conduct a detailed screening and step-by-step verification procedure to select the professionals who work with us. Jeevsutra can truly boast about being the best mental health online super-speciality portal in India having the most highly trained panel of professionals from multiple disciplines.

The Qualified Professional listens to the problems being discussed empathically (by putting himself/herself in the shoes of the client). He/she helps the client analyze the situation objectively, and then proceeds to give suggestions or therapeutic interventions which will help the client come out of distress and bring positive changes in life. Throughout the sessions the professional maintains the ethical code of therapy like confidentiality and privacy.

All our Counsellors / Therapists are highly qualified and trained in their respective domains. They listen to the problems the client is facing, and try to understand the situation by putting themselves in the client’s place. Then they discuss their understanding about where the problem lies, and set a goal of what needs to be achieved to alleviate the problem the client is facing. After this appropriate therapeutic interventions are taken, and suggestions given where the therapist works through the problem with the client, till the goal is reached.

We will make the work much easier for you. Depending on your area of problem we will let you know the therapists with expertise in that field that are available to conduct sessions.

The number of sessions you will need depend on the intensity and type of problem, goal of therapy, and therapeutic mode.

Try going for packages, or booking of 10 sessions at one go. The packages are structured in such a way so that you can get up to 65% discount on the base fee structure of every session. Also, for select customers there are periods when we give additional discounts on certain sessions. Write to us on [email protected] to enquire if you qualify for additional discount.

Video Conference is the preferred mode we select for online counseling sessions, as it can replicate face to face sessions almost completely.  However, if you prefer telephonic sessions speak to your therapist about it.