Taking care of mental health during lockdown

June 26, 2020

| Article By imran hossain |

This article lists the top 10 tips to take care of mental health during lockdown for COVID-19.

The uncertainty about the duration of the lockdown period and the constant updates about rising number of coronavirus cases are leading to a rise in depression, anxiety and mood swings, and other problems of mental health during lockdown among all.

(1) Spend Quality Family Time

Use the time at home to spend quality time with family. Teach new skills to your children. Let all family members help you with household chores. This can lead to great bonding among everyone.

Get in touch with extended family and friends over phone or via video-conference. Practice Physical-distancing with the outside world, but engage in emotional-bonding with everybody. Join an online club, make new friends online. Sharing can help relieve stress and take care of your mental health during lockdown.

(2) Hobbies That Make You Happy and Cope With Depression

Make a list of activities and hobbies that make you happy. Circle the ones that are possible for you to do at home like embroidery, cooking, baking, reading etc. This can help you take care of your mental health during lockdown period.

(3) Learn New Things To Take Care Of Mental Health During Lockdown

Select this period to learn a new thing, or brush up on skills that you have long forgotten. Some suggestions are graphic designing, cooking special dishes, do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts, some new language, particular songs or dance steps etc.

(4) Take Care Of Yourself

In your hectic life you hardly get time for yourself. This can be an ideal time to take care of your hair and skin at home, exercise and get in shape. Think of it in this manner – you will present to the world a better looking version of you after the lockdown is over. Eat healthy, get proper sleep, exercise.

(5) Watch Movies Or Web-series, Read Books

You can catch-up on watching web-series or movies which you were wanting to watch for a long time. You can take up a subscription of Netflix or Hotstar or something else. Read books that you have at home, or online.

(6) Meditate, Invest In Self-Development

While you are trying to find out external methods to keep yourself happy don’t forget to focus on your inner-self. This period is the ideal time for self-discovery. Take up a self-development course or a course on meditation. Enjoy spending time just with yourself. This can be the biggest asset to fight against depression or anxiety.

(7) Indoor-games to fight depression

Play games with family members. Remember the times before mobile phones came to rule our lives. Group activities at home can cheer everyone up.

(8) Focus On Your Strengths

Think about coping strategies you have used in the past to get over crisis situations in your life. Analyse how each of your struggles made you stronger. The same strategies that have helped you in the past, or that you have learnt, can help you cope with the current situation as well. Focus on what you can control. Distract yourself when your mind wanders to things you cannot control.

(9) Be Informed, But Don’t Gather Information All The Time

Dedicate only a particular time of the day to get latest updates about Corona Virus. Do not keep following social media throughout the day. Fake news, and constant discussion about COVID-19 and lockdown will end up increasing your stress level.

(10) Spend Time With Nature

If you have a terrace or veranda spend some time on those places. Spending some time in sun-light helps release the neurotransmitter serotonin in your body which will make you feel better. Take care of plants and pets at home. It is OK to talk to them. They can help you release your pent up emotions through the process of Catharsis.


If you still feel overwhelmed in spite of following the top 10 tips to get over depression during COVID-19 lockdown, and find it unable to cope with negative emotions and stress, contact a professional and ask for tele-counselling sessions.

Those who have preexisting mental health condition like depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or anything else try to keep in touch with your Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist via phone or online. Do not forget to take your medicines.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy.

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