Understanding Stress

July 9, 2020

| Article By imran hossain |

Understanding Stress - Cope with stress

What is stress?

Before we move on to how to cope with stress we need to first understand what stress is. Stress can be defined as a situation which puts a strain on an individual’s available resources, and coping strategies. The cause of stress is referred to as the stressor, while the skills used to deal with the stressor is known as coping skills. So let us understand stress better.

What are the types of stress?

Stress can be of two types.

  • Eustress – Stress because of an event or incident which the individual has positive feelings about (eg. arranging a party at home).
  • Distress – Stress because of an event which is perceived as negative by the person (eg. failure in an exam).

Why do we need to Cope with Stress?

In the short term mild to moderate levels of stress can trigger an adaptive response in the person, where he/she is able to enhance the level of performance using reserves of coping skills. However, long time stress, or exposure to stressor causes exhausting, psychologically and physically.

How to Cope with Stress

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